Real Update

I’m happy with how things went today. There were some definite gaps in my time record which isn’t ideal, but I spent most of that with Quinn and Jennie. I am definitely working on finding the balance between maximum time improving ME and being a good father and husband.

I am working through getting some new goals set up that are specifically focused on my business future. Those should be ready to go up tomorrow.

  • 4:00 Wake Up
  • 4:01 Put Quinn back in bed and fall asleep…
  • 6:00 Wake up for real
  • 6:40 Quinn outside/Read The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone
  • 7:17 Breakfast
  • 7:52 Clean breakfast
  • 8:19 Order groceries
  • 8:58 Nap
  • 9:27 Email
  • 9:40 2nd breakfast for Jennie/clean up/Listen to Stapleton Business Class
  • ???
  • 15:15 Take Quinn outside
  • 15:30 Run errands
  • ???
  • 22:00 Blog

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