7/1/17… What a boring title!

We had a pretty light (relatively) day at work so I was able to come home early and get more preparation done for a lesson I will be teaching in church tomorrow. I definitely used my discretionary time better today, although there was much less of it than yesterday. I ended up back on Facebook for a while again. For me it is a complete waste of time, and really not even an enjoyable waste of time. 98% of the time when I stop looking at Facebook I am dissatisfied with how the time was used. That’s not always the case when I am on Twitter or YouTube. I guess it just goes to show how strong neural pathways can be – “Have you checked Facebook? Maybe there is something you want to see!”


  • 5:00 Wake up
  • 5:45 Drive to work/Listen to Daily FX weekend update/Visioneer
  • 6:09 Work
  • 7:33 Nap
  • 7:56 Work
  • 9:21 Pick up breakfast
  • 9:35 Work
  • 12:31 Nap
  • 12:55 Work
  • 18:00 Nap
  • 18:29 Work
  • 20:14 Drive home/Listen to Think and Grow Rich
  • 20:44 Eat dinner/clean kitchen/listen to Stapleton New Business class
  • 21:27 Elder’s Quorum lesson prep
  • 21:41 Facebook
  • 21:56 Read article forwarded my Mentor
  • 10:05 Blog
  • 10:10 Read Change-Friendly Leadership
  • 10:24 Prep for bed.

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