There is nothing like dream to create the future. Utopia today, flesh and blood tomorrow.

– Victor Hugo

Yesterday I tried to share some of the excitement I felt for the activity I completed this evening. My assignment was to begin creating a compelling vision of the future by brainstorming about a perfect future. “What would I want for my life if I knew I could have it any way I wanted it? What would I go for if I knew I could not fail?” It was a ton of fun. After compiling the lists I assigned each item a timeline (in years) for completion. Then I wrote a short paragraph about the one item from the list that I would most enjoy to complete this year. I now have four items that I motivated to work towards throughout the next twelve months. This exercise is definitely going to be a part of my life moving forward. I decided to include selections from my lists so that you could learn a little about me and to add another layer of accountability to my goals. Now the whole of the internet knows what I am setting out to do with my life. For once, that idea is a good thing. Note: These goals are intentionally focused solely on me. My wife and I are going to do this activity together for our family and relationship.

Personal Development

  • Be able to read a Chinese newspaper (3)
  • Ace the military personal fitness test (1)
  • Play in the disc golf amateur world championships (3)
  • Live a healthy life style (1)
  • Become an avid reader (1)
  • Be honest in all my dealings (1)
  • Live with no Niagara Syndrome (5)
  • Have friends from varied backgrounds (2)

Honesty is the core of respectability and the foundation of a strong character. I owe it  to God and my family to be one hundred percent honest at all times. This will allow me to eliminate that source of negative emotion and energy from my life – leaving more of my personal resources for achieving other goals.


  • Be able to travel for vacation two or three times in a given year (2)
  • Own our dream home (15)
  • Have no stress about work when I am home (1)
  • Be debt free (10)
  • Learn about investing money (1)
  • Be able to pay fifty percent of our children’s college expenses (20)
  • Use my language skills at work (3)

It is very important to me to be able to focus on my family when i am home. I want to know that I am providing for my family well and that relaxing with them is okay. When I am home, I am home. Work will wait for the next day.


  • Play disc golf in Europe ( 10)
  • Own a Land Rover (15)
  • Own a home with on at least ten acres (25)
  • Own a private disc golf course à la Flip City (30)
  • Finish in the top three at an A tier disc golf tournament (2 – are you sensing a theme?)
  • Ride my bike to a disc golf tournament at least eighty miles away (5)
  • Finish in the top three at any disc golf tournament (1)

I LOVE DISC GOLF!!! The more I improve, the more I enjoy the game. That being said, I have never performed particularly well in tournaments. Pushing myself to reach this goal will serve the dual purpose of increasing my skill and enjoyment.


  • Help my children learn to love music (20)
  • Adopt a child from China (25)
  • Increase faith in the institution of marriage (3)
  • Live as energy efficient a life as I can (1)
  • Volunteer in the community (1)

Being a part of the community has always been a part of my vision for life. I want to be involved in making the world a better place and I believe that is best done in the home and local community. By making community involvement part of my lifestyle hopefully I can help my family and community at the same time.

What Did I Learn Today?

I learned that you need to accrue five hundred points from PDGA tournaments to qualify for the Amateur World Championships for a given year. (I never promised that the answers to these questions would be interesting.)

What Did I Contribute or Improve?

I improved the vision I have for my future. This has provided me with an increased focus and excitement about life.

What Did I Enjoy?

Brainstorming what my future will be like was much more fun than I thought it would be.


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