More Reality?

The key thing to remember is that we don’t move away from real pain; we move away from what we believe will lead to pain.
– Anthony Robbins.

This post is really refusing to cooperate. Maybe he feels too much pressure to live up to the grand, flowing oratory of his older brothers. What if he has fewer words than them? Does that make him inferior? Perhaps he will not be able to muster the mental fortitude to venture into the realms of analogy, or to probe the definition and boundaries of reality. Unfortunately for the post, his vote does not matter. Whether or not he likes it, he is going to be written.

My reading today was largely a continuation on the theme I discussed yesterday. The new material is summed up quite nicely by the quote above – the true Platonic “form” of reality is much less important than what we perceive as reality. Whenever we are faced with a choice we fall back (generally unconsciously) to what Anthony Robbins calls our “belief systems”. At their most basic, these belief systems are the generalizations that we have made about what will bring us pleasure or cause us pain. They are the tracks that we can see heading back to where our little train came from. We try to make some prediction of what the future will bring us by examining the path that has brought us to our current location. Unfortunately this often leads us to incorrect conclusions about the path before us. It limits our view to only what will be if nothing is changed. I believe the main benefit of discussing what seems to be the same topic, from a different angle, is that it can allow us to determine where we acquired our opinions on what will bring us pleasure and pain.

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